Update 10.05.24

Poetry now online! Enjoy ^^

Update 05.05.24

Many happy days. I did a bit of maintanance, but good things are abound. Stay tuned!


Secret Update 07-09.04.24

You'll have to wait until December to see it, but I made it so that there's an automatic Winter-version of my site once it is December and troughout December. Of course if you can't wait, you can get a preview of it on my Extras page.

Update 31.03.24

Added the Gallery. Enjoy! All rights do in fact belong to me, because I made/took those pictures.

Update 27.03.24

Happy Birthday!! Today I added the blurp tp the homepage. I'd say it's finally presentable for now, although I have some hacking to do, to get it to look the same on all devices. Sometimes I hate html

Update March 2024

It was time for a great overhaul. I started from scratch and only took the best things about the previous website. You might think I've learned a lot since (and I have), but no (at least not about hmtl or css or js or something). I've started lots of new projects this year and a few have come along better than ever thanks to my new PC. Maybe I'll add the stats to my About page? (note to myself).
But yes, you're looking at the very new and hopefully improved personal website for me. Where everyone who googles my name hopefully finds the version of my online presence that I want to portray.
Most things aren't done due to me starting over and all, but I'm hoping this is a good jumping off point. Cleaner and with more original art, while keeping that Web1.0 aesthetic alive.

Update 16.11.23

Added some more links because YT decided that channels should no longer link to other channels, right when I decided to start the Mr Fuhler Recommends channel, for students to find channels that suit their interests and learn new words through them. Anyway, it's here now; under construction! but enjoy

Update 9.7.23

Added Links, finally, but work in progress.

Update 2.6.23

Added a donation chocolate piece and the donation button. Please consider supporting me!
I also added another eater egg... just point and click.

Update 29.5.23

Updates are now an iframe for better updating.

Update 20.5.23

Renewed Galleries page.

Update 17.5.23

Did some minor changes, generally optimising things for the better and hiding a few secrets...

Update 15.5.23

First update! Now that the page is overhauled completely, I added an update area and let's see if I'm gonna keep it updated.

You're fully up to date.